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FAQ Whether the Blockchain transactions are legal?

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Transactions with using of Blockchain technologies for legal consequences have nothing different from usual transactions which assume using of papers. Clients who choose this modern way of signing of the contracts have no петролиум трейдинг саратов and transactions are valid and have legal force.

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How to confirm the Blockchain transactions? Is there a judicial practice on which it is possible to rely at justification of legitimacy of such transactions?

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It is the first-ever precedent of such scale concerning the conclusion of transactions on the Blockchain by means of петролиум трейдинг саратов contracts and the digital signature. If at the conclusion of the transaction there was a mistake or you want to refuse?

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As soon as possible, you need to report about it to your trader, and to send the notice of refusal in response to the letter, come from the e-mail: bot ptomsk. What to do if you need to report before banks about the basis of transactions? If you need the notary signature when during signing the Additional Agreement??

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We understand that signing of the additional agreement can cause a number of inconveniences for you at present. Nevertheless, further you will be able to refuse paperwork, and contracts for all following deliveries will be carried out by means of smart contacts.

петролиум трейдинг саратов

Simplicity, convenience and reliability of data storage. Everything suits me.

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